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Up North

Fashion North is a fashion retailer based in Sunderland, who are committed to providing top quality, locally inspired designs that don't damage the planet, with all of our  shirts being made from organic cotton!


The problem

A large majority of the fashion market still use conventional and unsustainable materials for their garments. We don't think there is any good excuse for that. So we want to prove you don't need to damage the planet to make sick lookin' stuff.

Fashion North's core values


We strive to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible


We aim to appeal to a younger auidence


All our designs are based in the North East, and designed by local designers and artists!


Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 10.16.55.png

The goal was to target ages 19-26 as this age group very heavily bought into fast fashion based on our research, so this aestectic was something we thought would work really well. (Not my images to be clear)

Earlier logo design concepts

Asset 3@4x.png
Asset 4@4x.png
Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 10.22.06.png



up north logo white text@4x.png
Asset 5@4x.png


Colour palette 

French Lime

Picton Blue


For the poster designs, we went around Sunderland and got our own photos for a more authentic feel. The green swirl doodle was what tied them all together. This was added for a sense of creativity and freshness, but also to imply a feeling you get when you're wearing these shirts. 

Other promotional material

Shirt Designs

All local designs, with the help of a few local designers!

Otto cafe -

City of Sunderland - Ellie Dance

I can't help falling in love with you - @Topaz.fb

To conclude


This was a very difficult one to be honest. It lasted a long time and I struggled to maintain the brand consistency across so many elements. So going forward, I want to figure out the brand direction a lot earlier in the process and stick closer to it. Still tho I'm quite proud of this one. 

What I learned/improved on

  • Make brand guidelines and stick to them!

  • Shirt designs were very fun and would love to try them again in future 

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