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Nurture and

A vegan cafe fighting animal abuse! The goal at Nurture and Nibbles is to provide the perfect balance between quality food and sustainability.

The problem

Nibble's and Nurture was a very good idea by itself, but had no brand to go along with it, so the challenge here was to give Nurture and Nibbles a full brand that says a lot about who they are as a business :)

Nurture and Nibbles' core values




Food doesn't need to pollute the planet! Lets be mindful of how we go about feeding ourselves

Just because we don't use meat doesn't mean we don't have a high quality bar for our food to hit

We care very much for the poor animals that are abused and killed on a daily basis, and do all we can to help!


puxel nibbles .png


puxel nibbles long .png


Colour palette 

Camo Green




tote mockup NURTURE.jpg
sign mockup NURTURE.jpg
shirt  mockups NURTURE.jpg
mug mockup NURTURE.jpg

Looking good looking good. I'm happy I went with the pig as a mascot because the boring ass leaf logo approach would've just felt so stereotypical and overdone. I defo believe the brand here fits the values of the cafe :)

What I learned/improved on

  • mascots are so fun to design and I wanna do moreeeeee 

  • you don't always need to use leaves to show sustainability 

To conclude


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