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Wearside Showdown 2024

Got the amazing opportunity to work alongside the Sunderland Creatives Agency to make this brand-new look for the foundation of light's esports tournament. Had so much fun with this one and am so happy with how it turned out :)

insta 1 ESPORTS.jpg

Brand Direction

I was asked to come up with 4 approaches for logos to give the foundation plenty of choice. All of these logos had different approaches. 

esports championship concept ESPORTS.jpg
northern rumble concept ESPORTS.png
epsorts showdown concept logo ESPORTS.jpg

I like all of these logos for their own reasons. I was secretly hoping they would pick the bottom one. I took a lot of inspiration from Arcane and NQ64 to create this glow-in-the-dark graffiti aesthetic. But they decided to go for logo option 2, which I still really liked.

wearside showdown logo _edited.png

After some feedback from the client, I made some changes to improve it and this was the final approved logo. The idea I wanted to push was that there was 2 contrasting colours on each side of the logo to imply a head-to-head. 

Font- Montserrat

Montserrat felt perfect for this brief. It works as a professional font and an impactful one, without feeling corporate. 


insta 2 ESPORTS.jpg
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