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An exploration into one of history's most fascinating fonts

Trajan is truly a masterclass in type design. It has a very rich history in roman culture and in modern day movie culture, so when I was asked to make a motion graphics piece exploring a font and its history, Trajan caught my attention as soon as I bumped into it. It is weird having something so serious and dark on my bright and cheerful portfolio, but if anything, it proves I can tackle all sorts of feels :)


As I'm sure you could tell straight away , this was a very experimental and rough look at the final product, It also originally had a much darker ending, commentating on the negative impact this font has unfortunately had on the film poster industry. But I had a conversation with my lecturer, and he pointed out that is pretty amazing that this font is so powerful and dramatic, that so many different designers opted for it when designing posters.

This really resonated with me, and made me appreciate what the font has accomplished, both in ancient and recent history. So yeah, lets celebrate what this font has accomplished, cuz it is truly a conqueror! 

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