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Summertime Cinema 2024

Tyneside Cinema offered me the opportunity to a sub brand to celebrate this years 'Summertime Cinema.' The goal was to have a unique, creative and enticing style that would excite new and existing customers to come to the cinema during the summertime. 


The problem

Not a lot of people go to the cinema during the summer. A lot of people think of beaches and fair grounds when they think of summer activities. But summer is a time where cinema is big! With loads of blockbuster movies releasing during the summer season. So the goal here was to make a vibrant and exciting sub brand of this years 'Summertime Cinema' at Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle

Brand Direction

From the start, I know I wanted that classic vintage summer LA sort of look, as a lot of the films streamed at tyneside cinema are made in Hollywood of course. I took inspiration from JCole's dreamville as well as Coca Cola .





This was a good start to give me an idea. It was using a script font originally but that didn't quite feel genuine to me. I knew if I wanted to make something original yet inspired, I needed to script it myself.


After having a fun time in Adobe Fresco on my ipad, I imported it into illustrator and here we go! Really happy with it for sure, it feels like summer ,and feels like someone really put the time into making the type.

white full logo STROKE SUMMERTIME_edited


Promotional Video

To top off all the promotion, I knew a video would be crucial. At the end of the day we're selling cinema to people here, so the best way to communicate with them is through video. I wanted this to sum up the entire campaign collectively, and I believe it achieved that!

To conclude


A very very fun project. Had a blast! I was given full creative freedom so there was really no limit to what I could do. 

What I learned/improved on

  • Sometimes, you have to remove elements to make the brand fully realised

  • Hand lettering is definitely improving, would love to do more 

  • Gradients with grain on them are gorgeous

  • A simple video will really elevate a brand and a project

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